Our Belief in “Big” and “Small”

The Deconstruction of the concept of “BIG” is something that I want to release the grasp or pressure from. I’ve often heard that our perception of something being big exaggerates our relationship to it. A castle is no bigger than a button. As both hold an equal expectation, the unlock occurs. Knowing that the above behaves the same as below, the blueprint is available. We are the creators of our reality. As we ask, it is given.

Independent of the turning thoughts to the specific things, I know my anticipation and expectation received permission to raise. Knowing this can be the point to where “big”, and “small” collapses into mere preferences that are neutrally devoid of inhibitive believes. That feels exhilarating. The neutral platform is godsend.

Feeling for the evidence is fun. I am not bound to the specifics of “my vision” nor the “what it’s for” story that I have determined. To satisfy the feeling of an experience of the solution being met is the gap being closed. The dreams are the vibrational reference points to chart me on a path to acquire clarity in transforming mindset.

Managing the gap… As this is done with more proficiency I can only imagine this version of myself. What does “what is” become? “what is” provides step five feedback? Is there any value in distinguishing a division between big and small? The outward appearances are attributes which provide an illusion of scale which may be more deceptive than meets eye.


Originally Written – October 9th, 2016