Questions About Curiosity

What is curiosity? What is the opposite of curiosity? Why is curiosity such a strength? How do we cultivated? Give it the necessary resources to thrive? When is the extreme insistence to be curious a liability? What situations are perfect for the curious mind to be engaged? When is being too curious a distraction? Why do you love curiosity? Who are you are list of favorite curious people? What does curiosity do to you? How does curiosity feel when you’re engaged in it? What are the greatest things the curiosity has exposed you to? What is curiosity look like in it most epic and most balance State? What fuels curiosity? How do I cultivate curiosity and people without overtly looking like I’m trying to so? Why is being curious such a fundamental quality of being human? Why would anybody be reluctant to be curious? Why doesn’t Curiosity flow equally among people?



Curiosity is an eagerness to align with more of that which exist on the outer reaches of your conceptual understanding.

The balance of curiosity is rooted in “Why” that drives our motivation to know, conceptualize, and understand. One side of the coin pushes against “what is” with the underlying desire to positively impact of the subject. The other side is primarily interested in dancing with the expansion of the universe.

In imbalanced side of the equation keeps the activation of our tension towards the preference defining.

Curiosity implies an engagement in acquiring and expanding conceptual understanding of our interest. Engagement is the key because of the expanding insights that will likely he reconciled with our daily habits.

What is required to be receptive to the fulfillment of our curious motives?

Willingness to knowledge another level of understanding: open-mindedness, Receptivity, leading with the question “what if?”, Playful, experimental, less rigid, acceptance of dead ends and failure, rendering, more.

Questioning conventional message and processes.(No sacred cows)

Philip Ball-“… that is the enemy of production, an unwelcome distraction from our daily duties”

Youthful in nature… tends to diminish as we get older and have more life experiences. Riding a wave of our expansion and the expansion of the universe.

Curiosity killed the cat-this is in reference to someone trying to get you to stop asking questions of the world period

Curiosity implies an active interest(Careful, attention, inquisitiveness)

Cura – the derivative of the Latin word which is rooted in care, concern, work. This is also related to the word cure.

Periergia – chiefly rhetoric-the use of an elaborate style to discuss a trivial matter.

This brings to my attention the concept of relevancy as a relates to our areas of focus. What’s the seemingly trivial to our interest? CNN, news, low-impact full, entertainment. There is legitimacy in choosing the right time to engage in the pursuit of our curiosity. We can evoke momentum. We can Focus within the context of relevancy. Curiosity can become a tool that we use to hide and avoid what we deemed to be the real work.