About Rahim

Creative Storyteller // Philosopher // Multi-Disciplined artist 

I am more than a graphic designer, photographer, podcaster, animator, philosopher, teacher, or strategic thinker. I am beyond these labels. These are attributes which describe a function as opposed to intention. My interests lay in shaping the image of who I am along the lines of my impact in the world.

20 years of experience with individuals, non-profits, start-ups and corporations have harnessed my ability to craft impactful stories told on a variety of canvases.  Upon defining the clarity of purpose the canvas medium becomes relevant. From this point the story begins to unfold.

I use my creative abilities as devices to tell stories. I tell stories in pursuit of absolute freedom emotionally, mentally, psychologically and physically. That shadowy figure obstructing our paths is born out of our beliefs and expectations. Creativity constructs ways to connect with our intelligence which lives beyond logic and comprehension. The luminance of insight lights our path.








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