Daily 365

Personal Challenge to Unlock Possibilities

Daily 365: Personal Challenge to Unlock Possibilities
December 18, 2018 Rahim Rasul

From the eyes of a curious mind, a new series is born. I hope to curate my experiences through my one of a kind lens. I am alway on the hunt for a new adventure or a challenge that will thrust me into a field of discomfort. Discomfort unearths beliefs that are both false and valid. As they ascend to the surface of my conscious mind, Im poised for the most radical form of transformation.

My goal is principally to create. Over time I am going to naturally find ways to communicate more effectively. I am not assuming that everything is going to work initially. It’s going to be frustrating and challenging. If it’s not tough, is it actually worth it. Hardly. So I begin this adventure similar to many of my previous undertakings with a optimistic outlook for what’s possible.

What gates do I swing open if I am willing to write and create on a daily basis for a year? What will I have to learn and assimilate into my behavior? What will these first dominos set in motion? What blazing understanding about self and human behavior become more clear? What people funnel into my network as a result? What happens with my relationship with discipline and time? What abilities discovered here will bleed into the other aspects of my life? So many questions.

In December of 2017, I began a daily meditation challenge. I could not have imagined how one straight forward exercise could evolve and find ways to push me. The consistency has been the toughest aspect of the meditation challenge. I didn’t initially take in consideration all the variable that try to interrupt the daily ritual. I am aware that this new 365 challenge will find a way to attract similar types of distractions. I am ready.

The daily blog will include a diverse range of allowable entries including:

  1. Ideas – Pieces of insights from my journals, reading, podcasts, and other cool ideas that I come in contact with.
  2. Audio Essays – When I come across something that I read or hear that resonates with me I plan to capture it and recreate in my spirit. Audio essays will also be non-traditional impromptu monologues that dive deeply into a subject.
  3. Photography – New and older photos contextualized throughs the frame of Street Photography or other genres of photography
  4. Art – Drawing, Graphic design, Fine Art
  5. Philosophy – My own brand or a contextualization of classic disciplines

Obviously this feels like it will run the gamut. I agree. Over time I am going to find my pocket that connects it all. The initial approach is to hone in on a subject and find a variety of ways and approaches to tackle the idea. Each progressive post will attempt to continue to probe beneath the surface in pursuit of breaking free new perspectives.

This will rest on the heel of the daily journaling that I’ve done for the last decade. Writing isn’t as much of a challenge as the unvalidated expectations for what’s necessary to produce it. Those expectation have allows the mildest form of in trepidation to build up. I know time and reputations will aide in shining the light on the opportunities for refinement.

December 2019, I look forward to standing there reveling in the volumes of post that have been published. I take pleasure in imagining the good, the not so good, the great and the horrible excuses for posts that will be published. It’s all fair in love and war. I am committed to setting aside the requisite time daily to share another dimension of who I am into the world. Each day I am going to pursue a more comprehensive understanding of who I am through this work.

Early on I give myself permission to lower the bar to enable me to build up the habits surrounding feeling the success of repeatedly climbing over into completion. Early high standard are difficult to maintain. Let’s get comfortable with progress.