Discovering My Life’s Work

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I have discovered my life’s work. I will allow my life to reflect wisdom by […]

  1. Direct Communication with the intelligence that orchestrates our universe
  2. An ability to communicate it in meaningful ways
  3. To shift behavior and habitual thoughts to reflect what I have expanded into
  4. Communicate methods and rituals that are true to the state of the world
  5. Process best practices from around the world.

Questions to ponder:
What does this look like?
Behaviorally, how do you approach it?
What does success look like?
How do you track progress?
How do I listen for the wisdom without coloring it without my bias?
What is wisdom?

This endeavor will require both faith and commitment. This great study engages all cultures and documents the essential components of culture. I am talking about really intensive research. I want to explore myths, religion and any kind of practices that connect us to a high power. I want to touch the pulse and intention of the spiritual systems… All of these intentions are about bring this into focus without the bias and illogic…

As Sulaiman Abd Al-Rahim Rasul, my name translates to the wise merciful messenger of god. It is without question that many path have orchestrated this opportunity into form. As I assess my personal history I see signs of a priestly and spiritual nature.In another life who knows what kind of life may have been chosen. I’ve entertained the vision of a future version of myself engaged in rapturous conversation, instructing a listening group of journeyed questioners.

Similar to Krishnamurti, I don’t want to be views as a Guru. I am a student like you. We are both on the road to become the sum of what our lives have inspired. Krishnamurti method is second to none. He is truly one of the wisest men I’ve known of and have had the great fortune to experience the impact of the material he’s shared with the world.

As a mystical being, I seen the ability to know how to touch soul of an individually with whatever means it requires. The methodology may change from rites, insights or wherever it takes in order to shift into that frequency what’s desired. What I am hinting at is a highly responsive state of being who trusts their spontaneity and their ability.

Briefly while cycling back through an older entry about money, I realized what I want from this whole experience. I want to feel whole and filled up in what I am doing. I want to feel the call from deep inside. Al of these feelings don’t require any change from this world. Catch up homie!

At the end of the day, nothing serious is going on around here. But most profoundly, everything works out for me. I can emotionally feel what is out there ahead of me.