New York State of Mind

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New York’s power is a consciousness of movement that reflects the fact that there are so many options and diversity of contrast and constant simulation of preferences.  New Yorkers get off to a start where life gets things moving on a variety of subjects early on. The pace is reenforced by their neighborhood and community.

Juxtaposed against other cities it seems disproportionally exaggerated in terms of business, culture, and life. New York is the embodiment of America. It stands as one of the primary immigration ports for our country. Many of those European immigrants gathered in the city and constructed the personality of their neighborhoods and boroughs. Ambition, opportunity and self made men was interweaved in the fabric of the times.  If you stayed in NYC, you dug in and sought your payday. Others migrated west looking for the same seeds of  hope and promise.  Blacks moved North in its relative absence of the oppression and institutional racism commonly experienced in the southern colonies. Stories of the north fuel the same dreams of Free Black and enslaved individuals. America’s identity has been forged around the possibilty of achieving the essence of what others describe as distant dreams. So music, art, fashion and business all thrived and continue to do so in NYC’s atmosphere is ambition and freedom.

So if you look at the history of NYC, it has created such an enormous vortex and groundswelling of energy that has transformed the world. Today we are more virtually localized through technology where anything is possible in bringing ideas to life without respect to geography.