Setting the Tone

Setting the Tone
October 11, 2011 Rahim Rasul

“Setting the tone” “Tuning in”
These words have taken on a radically new meaning. We are progressively moving through life finding excuses to flow the broader intelligence within our lives….

Our experience become the instrument to offer a perspective that emits a vibration and thus sets a tone. The degree to which we all we are able to move between seemingly more instruments and still are tasked with setting that new advanced tone. This is expansion. Not yesterday’s tone. Not tomorrows tone but right now on the new platform offering the opportunity to radiate a tone through the instruments of our own construction that moves with the direction of our becoming. The band changes each day but the reason we’ve assembled and our approach to performing music will never change. The ability to play the song and read the music of our expansion and perform it best with the available instruments we exist around. Play the music that has been conceived as a result of the totality of all life that you have lived. That is the sheet that I seek to read from.

Trust that the life surrounding is capable of catching the tune in ways that will surprise a delight you. Right now even with what appears to be raw instruments, we can orchestrate in ways that move the energy in rich ways that becomes both more meaningful and memorable than anything experienced thus far.

From this perspective life becomes a jam session making due with the available instruments and playing together trusting our ability to harmonize together while we take sound to place that have never been before. With each experience there is a trust and faith that becomes practiced and established that fortifies the believe in o es ability to translate the invisible bed of music. It less about the perfect execution of a song that has been established and the flowing with the expansion each moment provides…..