The Wedding Reading on Love

The Wedding Reading on Love
August 22, 2012 Rahim Rasul

For The Pitts Wedding, I was asked to deliver the wedding reading that would assist in ushering in the nuptials. After much consternation and procrastination I was visited by the presence of inspiration.

Today I want to lead you beyond the curtain of words and directly to what they point to. In honor of today, I’ve chosen to look at love.

In America, we say I love you
Swahili – Naw Ka Penda Sana
Angola – Ayo Te Amo
Algeria – Anna Bi Her Bick
Central Africa – Na Lingi Yo
Benin – Ah Wheem Away

All of these sound so different and mean one thing. Love existed before the 1st utterance of its name.
Love is immortal. It was forged and crafted by the hands of God and deeply imprinted into the circuitry of mankind and all of existence.

I’ve come to believe, that the purpose of life is to go forward from birth, in each of our own individuality and diverse life experiences, to discover the capacity of love and its true nature.

Love is unconditional, because there are no conditions that would cause me to take my gaze of love from you.

To know what is means is to also understanding of what it’s not. Love thrives off of difference while never engaging in judgement. Loves nature unites and orchestrates. It doesn’t seek to divide.

In love, we loose all desire to make sense of yesterday or manipulate tomorrow. We simply remain present in the moment. Our life is then seen from a place where it all works out.

Love is not like a college degree, where once you earn it it’s yours to hold onto forever. Love is aspirational. The challenge is to find it and hold on to it as long as possible. And as it slips away to begin the journey again.

So Love is….
Meeting someone for the first time and knowing there is something more to the story between you

Love is …
Allowing that person into you life and your heart in ways no other can

Love is….
a marriage like this, in its commitment to each other to forever reach for Love

So if LOVE were a person, I would say that “we’ve found you”. You are surrounding the bride and groom and they’ve swept us into its spirit. It has spread more into our hearts because of this moment.

So with that I say, WE are IN LOVE.

Written by ~ Rahim Rasul