Being a philosopher has become the most logical conclusion as I’ve entertained categories that could encapsulate my approach to life. The root of how I look at the world was birthed out of a  simple childhood question, “WHY?” The burning curiosity to understand the world, humanity and myself found me identifying with philosophy.

Searching for the answers to the nature of existence and life led me through many great disciplines of study. History gave me the recipes of  events. It was never capable of understanding the why of human behavior.

Philos + Sophia [The Love of Wisdom]

Why Philosophy:

Philosophy goes beyond the traditional social sciences were able to offer. No matter how precise history, sociology, or psychology is capable of offering a snapshot for “WHAT IS,” it’s missing a crucial element. The “WHY.” Early in my development, I sought to discover and understand the world within the frame of history. History could only offer a biased receipt of what has already happened. To get to the deeper understandings of human behavior my search would require a deeper analysis to discover the why. We can see what happened but rarely has the beliefs and thought processes that went into the formation of the events been the subject of examination. The hopes, dreams, beliefs, biases, fears all have played a critical role in the cooperative formation of experiences.

The brand of philosophy that I’ve devoted myself to brings together every aspect of our physical experience to holistically understand and integrate with our world. Through observation, awareness, contemplation, and a synthesis from the great minds throughout history, I’ve committed myself to the pursuit of a clear understanding of the nature of our personal reality along with methods to maximize our performance. To topically grasp the structure of events and behavior an opportunity arises to empower those who are willing to live in harmony with the integrity of greatness.

What is Love:

Love is a state of being. It’s what I would describe at the high form of connection with that which we call the source of all things. Typically the conversation around it is mistake slightly. “IN LOVE” prepositionally implies being ensconced within the state of being of LOVE. “IN LOVE WITH” – commonly mistaken with thinking the object of our love is the hero of the conversation. The achieving of the state of being is the hero and the with only implies a mutual accomplishment.

What is Wisdom:

Wisdom stands upon the pantheon of how we measure information and our behavior. Wisdom is a practiced state of putting our nature in accord with nature of our personal reality. As we harness our personal inclinations, propensities, and talents with what we’ve discovered about the world and it’s nature we execute from the wisdom faculty. Facts, knowledge, information, observations are on the low end of the totem pole. Acknowledging the fountain which springs forth facts and knowledge emerge challenge us to gain an understanding of their origins.




Joseph Campbell

Mythologist, writer and lecturer, renoun for his work in comparative mythology and comparative religion. Hero with a Thousand Faces and Mythos Interview are my favorite of his works.




J. Krishnamurti

Philosopher, Thinker, and Writer worked to bring conversations and thought around our interconnected humanity.His lectures forced you to be present to the ideas themself and shed away any past holds.



Malcolm X

Leader and prominent figure in the Nation of Islam, Malcolm X articulated concepts of race pride and black nationalism. His life embodies a never-ending quest for growth and reaching possibilities.