Coffee and Almonds

Rainy Morning at Toby's Estate

Toby’s Estate is where my relationship with coffee blossomed. Before taking their cupping class, my range of coffee experiences had been a mocha or a white mocha. Needless to say, very limited. Our cupping class had the formality of an exquisite wine tasting. We were provided scorecards and little IKEA styled pencils.

Over the course of the next hour my worldview of coffee would be shifted. We crunched roasted beans. We learned the history. Some of the coffee snobs shames me for wanting milk in my coffee. Coffee became something to appreciate. I had never know the complexity and variety of flavors available in beans.

Since then I have continued my pursuit of understand how to achieve an optimal cup of coffee. I challenge myself to listen for the flavors. With each sip my flavor receptors are piqued. The knowledge within my taste library are accessed as I look for a description to pair with the experience.

My once lightheaded interest has evolved into an obsession. This fascination has made me so particular on my now coffee preferences. It’s not surprising that coffee has become another subject that my curiosity has burrowed a comfortable refuge in. I would hasten those who would say the basis of my love of coffee is the chemical romance. Each bean has a signature in which the origins has imbued into each fruit and bean. Learning how to distinguish those characteristics and find my preference allows for the continual pursuit of excellence.