Filter Your Socials

A Trigger Has No Heart

At what point do we decide to take control of our information intake. Our attention is being bought and sold to the highest bidder. Literally. We are playing a perpetual game of hot potato.  As the potato is in the air approaching us we are unsure if it’s going to trigger us or if it’s manageable.

As a consumer of technology and subscriber to classic media and new media a new desire for centeredness has emerged. Attention is a commodity. Information overwhelm is the standard not the exception. The default position has been to throw as much on the wall with the hope that something stick. We’ve hardly considered the ramifications of the approach. What sticks on the wall stands out but as our gaze travels downward we are left with heaps of carcasses, junk, noise and the debris from unsuccessful attempts.

It’s not a grounded feeling to observe yourself reeling from being unwittingly triggered. As your attention goes your mind follow. Those thoughts that you assume are subtle create an atmosphere in which we call an emotional mood. If your intention is to be centered then what criteria will you establish for the filtering of the input. What narratives have you bought into that invite the chaotic triggers into you space?

“You can’t go around sticking your head in the ground.”

“It’s responsible to be informed.”

“If it affects me the I want to know.”

What will be prioritized? Will you choose how you feel or being informed? What are you allowing your spirit to be exposed to? Your choice is not mine and I wouldn’t think to influence you in one particular direction. I would say that if you value your peace of mind then it must become a priority. Not a talking point but a priority. It’s unreasonable to assume to your balanced enough to take on all sorts of information.

The word “Provocative” is rooted in the word PROVOKE (stimulate or give rise to a reaction or emotion, typically a strong or unwelcome one in someone). On the most abhorrently triggering content, I already hold a belief on the subject that is unlikely to shift with more information. As compelling of a case these forms of technology are I am still drawn to curating the kind of information coming into my sphere.

We must take the reigns un our hands and do our best to filter ourselves or the platforms we engage in to curate better pools of content. Unsubscribe from the irrelevant newsletters, news feed, followers that  pollute our feed, conversations and all things that sporadically trigger us. On Youtube, I do my best to influence the recommendation filter. I’ll spend a brief segment of time flagging videos on the home page for being not interested. On Instagram, I have committed to following only those whose content is compelling. Manually tuned the recommendation algorithm, prune the noise from your feel or be willing to walk away from the media platform itself. So many people once powerfully declare that they gave up watching the news for the same reason. How many of these same people have unwittingly substituted the news for facebook or another provocative alternative.

While it is common to introduce noise into our lives, I contend that it’s unnatural. Identifying noise is a necessary step. We’ve often accepted that noise as part of the signal. As we tune the instrument of our consciousness, a greater care must be given if performing at it’s highest levels is desired. The fuel that powers us requires an advanced level of refinement. Imagine performance where volatility is not an issue. We’ve all experienced those times when we’ve managed to go deeper into our endeavor. Access to these clear spaces enable opportunities to upgrade both our abilities and our perspectives. I want to provide the ability to transform our hopefulness to an inevitable expectation of availability.

Our minds are the key. Literally, our minds are the key to unlock the gates of bliss. As we discover methods, rituals, and approaches to tune ourselves the advantage of the technological benefit of your times can then amplify our intention.