Fujifilm X100T

En Route to Brunch

Chase Jarvis famously stated, “the best camera is the one with you.” I’ve been shooting on my Fujifilm X100T for a few years and I’ve noticed the difference in my manner of shooting. It would be an understatement to say it has changed. It has transformed exponentially.

Previously my default camera was the Canon 7D. I loved that camera. My photography grew with this camera body. Near the transition to the X100T, I would engage in a 10 minute debate if I should take the camera knowing my shoulder would be bear the cost of that choice. Street photography was intimidating enough without a big bodied DSLR.

Upon the arrival of the Fujifilm X100T each of those inner narratives evaporated. Photography opened up in more accessible ways. The shots that I could see forming were within my grasp. My camera became an extension of my eye and imagination. With all ventures I knew I would have to go through the uncomfortable beginners stage of subpar photos before I would see the consistency of prized photography. I am still on the journey but I am leagues ahead of where I would be if I stayed subscribed to the bulkier DSLR state of mind.