March 2019

Molding My Preference into Place

This March is going to be one of those months I look back and stand in awe of all that we were able to create. The prevailing feeling I want to achieve is progress and impact. I’ve been building equity in so many areas that I’m now excited to unleash some of that harnessed power into the world.

There are a few key areas I am going to focus upon for this month. In less areas it allows me the opportunity to do deeper and create more activation in domains that have the infrastructure in place. These areas include 1. Fitness and fueling, 2. Creative Output, 3. Emotional Content.

Fitness and Fueling

Fat Burning Protocol – Intermittent Fasting, Ketogenic Protocol, HITT Training

Mobility Training – Yoga 2 days per week

Strength Training – 3 strength days per week (increase reps same weight)

Endurance – 50-60K road miles

Creative Output

Halftime Talks – Weekly Publishing

Audio Explorations

365 Daily

Libsyn – Max out 250MB of uploaded content

Emotional Content

Be more deliberate and intentional in offering my attention toward what I prefer than what is.