Evolving my Visual Style through More Intentionality

Portraits of my Lovely

Photography is a polyphasic discipline. There is not one single moment in the process that rules the others. The preparation is delicious as the intention is set. The shooting is a surreal aspect when time and space intersect. The editing allows us to take the ingredients in the RAW file and cook it to our hearts content.

While the shot may have been taken, out editing style can transform it into a visual experience in which the camera couldn’t have predicted. Through the sets of tools at our disposal we can nip, tuck, shift and transform the moment into something more aesthetic.

Beyond the cameras built in presets, what is your style? I’ve wrestled with this challenge for a few years. Every way that I’ve presented my works have shown a disjointed editing style. While it’s fair to assume that the style will continue to be refined over time, an anchor point is required to build from. What separates your photography? The simple answer to this question is the web of choices we’ve made to create a photograph. When we raise the camera there have been an array of choices have built it up. The camera, the lens, the setting, the time, the moment, the subject, the perspective and so many more. We the photographers, the artist are defined by the choices we make and those that are not made.

What is not in our field of choices is often as important as the ones we’ve allowed in. There are so many things that we are intentional about. We go on forums and stump for brands, editing systems, cameras, but let’s not forget the tangible byproduct of photography, the photograph. I’ve often grabbed my camera and headed out the door with little intention of what would be shot. In these times the exercise alone was an act of meditation. And even in these moment I was still at some pure place within me looking to make a photograph.

Our life is a series of choices. Short-sided choice don’t playout well. Therefor I’ve challenged myself to become more intentional along each phase of the process (planning, shooting, reviewing, editing, presentation). I want to take the whole into consideration without allowing each individual phases demands interrupt that pure segment. It’s a comprehensive process. This process has implicit within it a ton of stages of growth. Make yours count