For people who’ve worked within a system it can be challenging to operate independently. Typical jobs present structures to work within. In order to keep your job there’s level of compliance performance which is necessary.

Working independently it Is different. Where there once was walls and structure is now replaced with an ambiguous vision for them. It was easy to track your performance. Your peers who were achievers gave you a reference for the standards of performance you sought after. The organization and the group brought the best out of you. They set the bar to the the level which was expected for you to perform. Now without the institutional support what will drive U2 would here to high standards? What is high standards? What are you capable of? How high can you reach without the historical influence of your peers driving you forward? Are you going to be capable of driving yourself? Can you construct the parameters to operate at a high level with it? Can you drive yourself? Without your peers can you construct perform at a new done mention of high standards?

It’s easy to follow rules. It’s easy to behave in a way that exceeds the expectations of your boss. It’s easy to operate within the framework to avoid the consequences. Without this framework what happens to you? What drives you?

There’re so many different kinds of individuals in the world. I’m with them can excel within the right structures. There’s another class that creates structures, That builds systems, that conceptually imprints the world with their brand of possibility. These two are different species that operate within the same System. Their minds would be considered alien to each other yet they’re graded on the same scale.

It’s a choice we’ve decided in which Lane we can operate within. This is the life that we’ve chosen and accepted. It’s insane to compare yourself with the other side. It’s crazy to look in the game that you’re not playing and compare yourself with the growth, The rewards, and the benefits, but I’m not a function what you’ve chosen. We create so that others can consume. What we build gives them power. Neither are right or more special.