Transformation Requires Engagement

I’ve surrendered to an acceptance about reality that I had previously found only a novel idea. Transformation requires engagement. Typically we say that change happens as a result of time. Engagement happens internally and externally through reflections, observation, curiosity, and refinement. Many of the changes that I have experienced have come after a significant quantity of time. Time thought is not an essential variable to the process. Time is a canvas to contain the unfolding.

Knowing the relationship between engagement and transformation has allowed me to be tune into the process as opposed to forcing an approach to manipulate an outcome. The desired sustainable growth is only brought about by intentionality and understanding. The results obsession doesn’t possess the necessary stability to build from. The construction of a sound vision requires a prerequisite set of skills that cannot afford to be skipped. One way or another the cost must be paid before our demand is increased.

In a domain where one professes a love, why would you ever want to take any shortcuts? Love and passion imply a desire for pursuing mastery within it. Relish the nuance in each of the tiny overlooked grooves. Stretch your mind to establish a sequence of progressions that can guide you from here to any set o ambitions. Adjust course at any moment.

Some of my desires have been stewing for more that twenty plus years. I am comfortable with stacking time paired with a consistent level of engagement. The intermittent pulse of achievement are short-sided. I seek to cultivate an environment where it’s sustained and commonplace. A steady amplitude is preferred as opposed to the manic highs and lows.

As soon as you let go of the key standards, it integrity buckles and begins to diminish. This goes for any form of progress. Process is a function of the continuous pursuit of an evolving vision. We must commit to the process and make the standards non-negotiable.

Knowing this makes me a little more mindful of the declaration that I make to the work that I am interested in pursuing. “Am I committed to the work this is going to require?” We tend to celebrate both the start and the victory. There are scores of well-intentioned dreams that end shortly after commencement. There is a cost to every choice. Some things cost in ways that we have not fully considered.

Achievements implies activation and deactivation, incorporation and releasing, and it overall shift into a specific frequency consciousness. This isn’t a Lucky trick shot made but an acclamation to consistently reside within the requisite frequency.

“People tend to over estimate what they can accomplish in the short-term and under estimate what they can accomplish in the long-term.” I love this quote. I’m committed to pursuing Long range goals. Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach outlines what he calls “The 25 year Framework.” I’ve developed a plan incorporating a few areas of my life through Dan’s approach. The spaciousness of 25 years gives me in abundance of the room to both succeed and fail while staying the course. So often we try to hit the homerun not understanding the ramifications of such high stakes gambling. It creates unhealthy habits and manic behavior. To get out of this comparison spiral we must learn to understand our unique voice and appreciate each stage of progression which gets us closer. Trusting the process goes a lot further then resenting it.

There are no shortcuts. Media coverage might focus on the exceptions. These exceptions make up only an infinitesimal fraction of all cases. The critical ingredient is faith. How do we go about believing in the unseen before it reveals itself? What are we rooting our faith in? I am rooting my faith in what the feedback of engagement continues to reveal. Each success is a wholistic success. Success breeds confidence. Confidence gives us permission to fully engage without hesitation. In full engagement our abilities can find it’s authentic voice.