Rahim Rasul

  • Strategy & Creative

    Creative Director
    Brand Strategy
    Brand Design & Development
    Graphic Design
    Motion Graphics

    Unique Ability

    Pattern Recognition
    Metacognition & Strategic Thinking
    Experimenting & Integration
    Conceptual Modeling


    Bachelors of Business Administration, Marketing
    Texas State University

It's one thing to realize you are capable of solving problems. The next layer is gaining the ability to recognize the right challenges we need to solve.
Can’t give what you don’t have. Can’t share what you haven’t seen. Can’t teach what you haven’t learned.
You have to stop treating it like you have a choice... Which days this week did you choose to brush your teeth or shower. Those are not choices. Even the absence of a deliberate choice is a choice.
Rahim Rasul
Mediocrity is always recruiting and will provide compelling excuses for you to join its ranks.
Having a good conclusion is not evidence of intelligences. Positions require a rendering of ideas, perspectives and consideration to occupy a place within the library of ones mind.