Grand Naturalness

The Grand Naturalness of the Whole Sphere of Reality

In exploring this idea of naturalness there has been an expansion of how I feel the union between non-physical and physical reality. There has been an increase in how I consider the emergence of probabilities impacts the moment.

Now seems to be the emerged blank spot on the canvas. It's the size of the head on a needle and is supported by a vast infinite sphere of awareness. In my humanity I've become biased to consider the universe in terms of my human orientation. As I step beyond the position in all of the labels and identifications a oneness with the universe emerges.

I am beginning to sense the greater reality that sits a my fingertips. I feel the consciousness undifferentiated by form extending its awareness into the fabric of reality based upon intention and relevance. This level of union benefits the continuity of our reality and allows for the the beauty within what we call the miracle of life.

We are not the apex consciousness. We are not the grand orchestrator of reality. We are in the same line of creation as the life populating our planet.  We are the child of the magical natural concoction of physically focused life.

Expanding out conception of what is Natural.

Observing the physical universe grants me a window into unlimited possibilities. There is an endless well of examples where natural expressions confound our capacity to understand.

Natural is the miracle of childbirth.

Natural is the abundance of edible flora and fauna that populates our planet

Natural is miraculous nature of our sun emanating its energy, warmth and light in our solar system

Natural are our cycles of seasons that come and go with frequency and regularity

Natural is the air that nourishes our cardiovascular system

Natural of the harmony of life that exists on our planet

Natural is the relationship that the moon has with our planet

Natural is the connection between a mother and daughter

Natural is the love capable of being communicated in the simplicity of a smile

Natural is the eagerness and enthusiasm radiating off youth

Natural is capacity to get swept up into the stream of collective intelligence

Natural are the impulses that spring up our of a receptive moment

Natural are the instincts animals possess at birth which ignite at birth

Natural is the intelligence that flows as epiphany or insight

Natural is the communication with non physical and the implicitly agreements we have established

Natural is way that colors seem to magically converge upon form

Natural is the beauty within life

Natural is the rainbow that forms our of light and a prism

Natural is the cycles of life

Natural is the potential for transformation latent within a seed

Natural is the knowing two people can have for one another in the first meeting

Natural is the synchronous blossoming of trees on the same day

Natural is the way that water transforms its state from cloud, raid and water to ice

Natural is the state of joy and positive optimism in ourselves and our world

Natural are the systems within our anatomy that keep everything operating perfectly

Natural is the thrill associated with growing

Natural is the invisible forces of gravity pulling objects together

Natural is the blueprint in the seed for probabilities of fulfillment

There is magic indelibly women into the fabric of our physical reality