Joseph Campbell Inspired Thought

### **As we expand into the understanding that our soul/entity projects consciousness to expand and evolve and that we are that expression on the leading edge expanding beyond that which has come before. As it may seem, the consciousness identification is not a simple task.**

Our socialization patterns and educational systems routinely lead us astray from this realization. Not to mention there are no ritualized rites that express these ideas for our youth. We look at our relationship with our external world and use that to identify who we are. I am young. I am a man. I am a black. I am a lawyer. I am rich. I am educated. These serve as affirmations toward empowerment as we are in alignment with the expectations inherent with the definitions. As we move out of the range our perceived identification, we loose the continuity of our sense of self. But only in the sense of self that had been distorted and viewed myopically to begin with. Because who we are naturally is an unlimited consciousness.

I am I, an undifferentiated being of an infinite potential, consciousness poised within time and space, focused through this body. At birth we are given proclivities, personality traits, dispositions, and inclinations that will serve to aid in the fulfillment of intentions set forth for this lifetime.

This ideal is empowering to all of the levels of our being. As we identify with our consciousness and our authentic self we remove the debris that routinely leads us astray. Joseph Campbell referenced an example that illustrates this and even sets the basis to expand it further. He spoke about the “wheel of fortune.” On the wheel there were certain aspects of life of a contrasting nature placed on opposing sides of the wheel. Wealth and Poverty. Bliss and disempowerment. Love and hate…You get the picture. As the wheel spins we naturally hold a desire for the wheel to land on a desirable state. Yet meanwhile on the wheel there was a constant there as an unmoved figure that maintains the equilibrium at the center. The center is also the location where all of the points originate and evolve from.

So to tie it all together, the center remains constant. This reflects the true nature of our consciousness who remain constant during the cycles of change our life offers. Throughout the contrast, perspective of our authentic self diffuses the sting from the seemingly urgency of our now. It centers us apart from falling into identifying with the circumstances of our life. I am not the reality I experience. The reality I’ve experienced on either side of the spectrum are the reflections of the patterns of beliefs and thoughts I’ve habitually given airtime to. As I shift my focus, my world shifts, and the consciousness remain consistent while benefiting and expanding because of the new set of preferences.

From the center of the wheel we can choose the direction of the experiences we perceive. Who we believe ourselves to be can root us into a perspective on how we interpret the info we perceive from our daily experiences. A perspective of being the figure at the center gives us the power of understanding that we are creators of our reality. Experiences will bombard our lives forever. We order those events into meaningful symbols based on our beliefs. This is done endlessly in every moment. The divinity is in the awareness that emotions are independent of events and circumstances. Emotions are emoted along the lines of out beliefs. You can witness for yourself two ways we activate emotions, intentionally or in reaction to circumstances. There are not value statements to either one. Emotions are indications of our “now” relationship with our desires. I feel the intentional activation of emotions put up a figurative sail to harness the forces of life and uses them intentionally to move us into alignment with our desires.