The Light

How many times do we talk about our inner light? There are many sayings we use that refer to people shining, pregnant women glowing, fraternities reaching for the light and so forth. There has obviously an understanding about the analogous nature of the light and its relationship with consciousness that has held true across the ages.

Light itself is scientifically understood to hold vibration and frequency properties. In very nonscientific ways, we humanize the light and distill it into personified terms. To illustrate this, if I were to identify a place where it would reside, it would be within in our hearts. “The Light” is emitting from a source and it RADIATES in all directions. (Radiate definition: to spread abroad or around as from a center) “This light” within us shares characteristics with physical light. “Light” is thought to be both a wave and a particle. It’s described as a physically material state and a frequency wave. What if life our creation it is a state of being? An achieved vibrational state of being that like our desires reaches for physical expression in matter, thus materializes into substance. "Light” is a state of being that expresses to us in physical reality in terms that are familiar to us.

Light emits from a center point both as an illuminated consciousness and a physical light source. Could it be possible that the ability for light to express itself into physical reality and our thoughts to express themselves in physical reality follow the same universal principles? I continue to receive mental visions from ideas presented from the movie “What the Bleep.” This movie makes an attempt to reconcile the strange phenomena of light as being both a wave and a particle. Properties of these subatomic particles seem to be flickering off and on and also appearing in two places simultaneously. One thing that my mind seems to be centralized around is that our perception collapses it from being it’s infinite self to an individualized expression. Hence the question, could light be a state of being? Could all of our physical universe be consciousness (the wave) oscillating at a frequency which manifests itself into signature material forms. Each object expanding and collaborating in new organic and compounding ways that thrusts forward the evolution of ALL THAT IS.

Some definitions related to the concept of light that will assist in driving home the analogy between our light and our expanded consciousness.ILLUMINATION. [Lumen/Luminious] To bring revelation – to make visible and clear. wow.LUMEN– A measure of the total amount of visible light emitted by a source.LUMINARY – A person who has achieved eminence in a specific field; a person who enlightens or influences others.NOW LOOK UP ILLUMINATI FROM THIS BASIS

In speaking within the space of an individual connecting with their inner light, we have the capacity to take ourselves to many places of both experiences and understanding with it. The light within us exists and has an unlimited luminous potential. Everyone is filled and on in possession of this illuminious source. One could speak about this light in terms of levels where abilities and characteristic follow general predicable patterns.

The light I speak of is a vibration manifestation with distinguishable characteristics. Light is an achieved and activated: STATE (pattern) of BEING (radiating frequency – wave). Thoughts are radiating —-> Like LAW OF ATTRACTION, in order to become receptive to the radiated thoughts, a similiar activation is necessary. I imagine an open and receptive glove that welcomes these thoughts. The open glove is because we have been keeping an equivalent emotional frequency active and that which is like unto itself is drawn. Therefore we can say that thoughts are emotional vibrational emitted (patterns of thought) – receptive structures (things of a similiar vibrational nature receive the radiation and translate form (manifestations: physical, emotional, temporal) around these patterns,which itself radiinates out its own emanations.

The effect of our radiation touches and reaches out into the world in invisible nonphysical sensory ways that affect and influence the inner patterns of consciousness itself, thus affecting the forms consciousness expresses itself within ( the creation of the physical matter, emotional states, thought patterns, and temporal experiences). This light expresses the radiation in patterns and forms specific to the rules and structures (root assumptions) of the local system (cellular, individual, en masse, physical universe, or nonphysical space), while being inheriently capable to express their pattern of frequency in an infinitude of ways. These rules and structures are plastic and capable of evolution. They stay in place to maintain a continuity of structure and rage of accepted experiences. Any change is a total change and the paradigm of experiences moves in totally new spheres of directions.

The light within us is as wide and deep as we are capable to perceive. Put another way, our light in not governed by the same physical laws of time and space and is capable of reaching outward in continuous expanding ways in distances and achieve unimaginable levels of illumination. Perception is relative to our ability to focus the direction of the light. We perceive where our focus of attention gazes, while not negating the other directions our radience emits to.

Recently in the course of my own personal discovery, I have been referencing the ability to reach inside of ourselves with emotional thoughts and ideas to trigger the activation of our inner light. Throughout history we continuously refer to this idea of inner light. Angles have halos and that is used to describe a state of openness and connection. This light is so powerful that we see the world in so pragmatically obvious ways that the sense of invincibility washes over us. And invincibility is only the absence of limitation. And we know inside the vortex the idea of limitation cannot occupy the same space. As I picture my inner light, I apply characteristics of physical light to it and visualize it emanating out of my center, radiating in all possible directions. Like physical data, it reveals things that were not available in preceeding levels of illumination. It’s as if they were hiding in plain sight. It gives us access to a world that was once unavailable to us. This new space of available experiences are not radically new, but are expansions upon previous ones. Yet even with the expansion the change opens up new worlds of possibility.

As we practice activating our light, we effect our entire ecosystem. We are all cocreating and our ability to influence the collective energy around us heightens. One person in alignment is more powerful than millions not. The light we activate and carry within us is capable of orchestrating with the collective world in ways that can surprise and delight us. With it’s activated light we can direct it into or towards anything and I can impact viscerally and consciousness. To affect it and influence it has to do with the receivers level of allowing and availability and receptivity. With these example I connote images of Steve Jobs and his ability to influence the world and apple as a brand to move in harmony with his vision. His visionary approach has been felt as he has uniquely paired art and technology into revolutionary products. In a similar tone I see world leaders, great inventors, philosophers, athletes whose accomplishments have influenced their times and their accomplishments timelessly resonate with the world.

What becomes available from allowing this inner light to shine brightly from within us? This light within allows us to embody our true nature we have become. That which represents our expansion will continuously seeks expression from this state of being. It orchestrates all things that is representative of our furtherest most platform of becoming. Stations and stations of new insights and experiences become available. Our focus discriminates our direction we move in but it doesnt matter because we are within our light in any chouce we choose. Our ability to thrive becomes more pointed as we activily practice tuning in to specific spaces.

The light is a state of being capable of being carried and activated from situation to situation. It becomes a manifested goal and achievement like any physical creation. Yet this is the well of life and the tree of knowledge of sorts. The light we activate illuminates all things in our gaze. Our attention need only turn in a direction to begin to pierce through any surface to discover new intoxicating level of experience, exploration or insight. As we tune into our vortex, we allow our broader perspective to express itself in fuller and deeper ways. Our experiences then begin to more adequately express the nature of our becoming. More and more of our escrow reveals itself from ths less inhibited space. The universe will delight in orchestrating all of the fabulous rendezvous that make up the total experience of our true nature expressing itself.

Contrasts expansion is active and alive within us. The key that unlocks the manifestational door can only be activacted through practicing our true natures opinion through emotional terms. These characteristics and properties of the physical universe offers some assurance. I know in unmistakable terms that it is done. So I can take those goals off of the table as ulterior motives. I can erase them from my list and carry their essence in my heart. They are active and their existence has been established. Bring that established set point forward is a function of my ability to carry their tone and tune into their vibrational reality. The contrast only becomes an indicating feedback for my proximity to the treasure chest.